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The Pros and Cons of Lenses

Cosmetic lenses are rapidly gaining popularity the world over due to the convenience they offer to many. Along with being decorative in nature, they also can be used for vision correction. This is perhaps the only method of vision correction which is both easy on the pocket and free from the tensions of medical procedures such as laser surgery. However, like any other thing in the world, they do have their pros and cons, nothing in life is just a bed of roses after all!

Here’s an overview of all the reasons you should be trying lenses, and all the reasons you should be handling them in a responsible manner!

Pros of Lenses

Lenses are such an ingenious invention, and offer wonderful benefits, especially to those who have weak eye sight. And even for those who are blessed with the gift of perfect vision, can benefit from a wide array of cosmetic lenses that are easily available in the market.

  • Contact lenses are safe in their predictability. There is nothing left up in the air, everything about them is certain. These statements may sound quite vague, but will begin to make sense soon enough. Did you know that even laser eye surgery cannot guarantee complete vision correction?

    Imagine spending an obscene amount of money for the surgery, spending hours in fright and trepidation before the surgery, then the recovery time, only to find out your eye sight isn’t perfect? No such thing can happen for lenses though, as you get what you pay for! The exact number of powered lenses ensures perfect eyesight, without all the hassle of a laser surgery and at a fraction of the cost.

  • Say bye-bye to glasses! The basic premise of lenses is of course, eliminating the need for wearing glasses, but it’s also possibly the biggest advantage. While glasses are pretty comfortable, you haven’t considered how pesky they are if you are lying down?

    The frame is pretty uncomfortable, and if somehow it does adjust to the surface you are lying down on, the next big challenge is the lopsided vision. Not to mention, the total nuisance glasses are if one is attempting to play a game. They fog up, they smash and fall! Lenses are able to sidestep all these issues!

  • There is a wide variety of lenses available so you can be sure to find one that is suited to your needs. The variations according to wear times too are incredibly helpful.
  • Contacts offer a definite improvement when it comes to side vision and offer a full range of vision. They also completely eradicate the frames of glasses appearing in the periphery of your vision all the time which surely makes quite a difference!

All the Cons!

Like I mentioned before, everything has some disadvantages too. However, everything we see is also clouded by our perceptions. So instead of viewing disadvantages as complications, let’s view them as all the things we ought to be very careful about when using contacts!

  • Lenses need regular maintenance and cleaning. This obviously applies to the reusable lenses as disposable ones have to be discarded anyways.
    Cleaning and disinfecting lenses is absolutely essential, and it can be a little complicated, especially for people constantly on the go!
  • Lenses are really tiny. And the transparent ones are practically invisible! This means lenses can easily get lost and require proper attention when taking them out of or putting them back into the storage case.
  • The material lenses are made of is pretty delicate. Anyone who has ever handled lenses will tell you just how delicate they are. This means they need to be handled with utmost care to avoid inflicting damage.

    On that note, if a scratch for instance does appear on the lens, never wear it again as it could cause discomfort at the very least, and a scratch on the cornea at its worst.

  • When you wear lenses, you are literally allowing a film of silicone to hitch a ride on your eyeball for the day. If used with caution, this ride could be pretty enjoyable. However, every road does have its bumps. With lenses the bumps are the increase in chances of contacting a corneal infection, scratches and scrapes.
  • Contacts can take quite some time to get used to. They are of course uncomfortable initially for everyone. But for some, the discomfort can get prolonged and for others it never really goes away. They might face considerable difficulty in putting the lenses on as well.
  • The use of in work areas often requires the use of protective eye-gear which can of course be a little uncomfortable.
  • For people who constantly change lenses might find that they are spending a lot of money on lenses, a lot more than on glasses at any rate.

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