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Three ways to wear a grandad shirt

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The grandad shirt might sound anything but contemporary, but the truth is that this is a look with a rich history that can still be modern and stylish.

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The grandad shirt was born from an industrialised past where collars were required in work settings for formality but were impractical when it came to using machinery. Workers would quite literally rip off the collars, and eventually shirts began being produced that left them off altogether but still offered the same, smart look – and the grandad shirt was born.


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These days, a grandad shirt is still a stylish alternative to a regular collared shirt. Available in a range of colours, patterns and fits, this could be your ultimate go-to shirt this summer. Here’s how to style it.

Suited and booted

Since it burst onto our screens a few years ago, people are obsessed with emulating the style of the Peaky Blinders – which an article in Hockerty labels as ‘classic and timeless’. A suited-up grandad shirt complete with waistcoat and chinos could be the perfect ensemble for a summer wedding this year. Teamed with some shiny brogues and a few well-chosen accessories – think pocket watch and handkerchief – you can channel your inner Tommy Shelby with this vintage look.

Leave it open

The simplest way to style a Farah grandad shirt  is to simply throw it on over a plain tee and leave it unbuttoned. This is an effortlessly stylish look that is so easy to wear and has a slightly more sophisticated look than the standard shirt and t-shirt combination. It can also be a practical solution for summer, when you might need something lightweight but cool to throw on over a tee when the evening begins to draw in.

Buttoned up

The other alternative is to wear your grandad shirt as a standalone top and button it to the top. This is a smart/casual look that can transcend from day to evening but can be layered with cardigans, bomber jackets or even a blazer depending on how formal you want to be. Teamed with skinny jeans, this is a suave look that is so easy to wear. Just avoid layering a buttoned-up shirt with certain jumpers or sweatshirts as the absence of a collar can stunt the look of the outfit.

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