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Fix Hard Water Easily With Water Softeners

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If you live in the southern region of the United States, then you may be familiar with the term ‘hard water’. Hard water, or what a lot of southerners simply call ‘well water’ is water that is filled with lots of heavy minerals and calcium deposits. While this water doesn’t really pose a serious health problem, it is, however, aggravating to deal with. Having hard water can mean a number of annoyances from laundry not washing properly to deposit build up on your shower head and other fixtures. Because the deposits in the water can interfere with soaps and detergents doing their job properly, this will mean using more product to get the job done, hence, spending more money. 

As much of a headache as hard water can be, the good news is that it is not something that you have to live with. Hard water can be softened easily at home by using a number of simple methods. You can soften your water by bringing it to a boil which will allow the water and minerals to separate. Once the water cools down, the minerals will have sunk down to the bottom allowing you to be able to scoop out the water. 

If boiling water each time you need it is too much of a hassle, there are faucet filters that actually remove the heavy minerals so that the water comes straight out of the faucet mineral free. This method is faster and way more convenient as it allows you to have ‘soft water’ on hand whenever you are ready for it. These methods are good but then what about when it’s time to take a shower? Sure there are filters that you can place on your shower heads as well as your tub faucet. In order to cover all bases from your bathroom, kitchen and even laundry room, the best method of all may be to just soften the water for the entire house hold. 

There are a number of ways to soften your entire water supply with softeners like potassium chloride, sodium chloride or even reverse osmosis. Each one has it’s own benefits depending on what your particular preference is. For instance, if you can’t have the salt that sodium chloride adds because of health reasons, then the potassium chloride may be better for you. 

However, before you can use this solution to soften your water, you should first know exactly how much hard water you have in order to treat it properly. The hard water is measured using a test kit or strips specifically made for testing hard water. You would then calculate the amount of softener needed for your particular water supply according to the label directions. 

If you are unsure and prefer not to install the softener yourself, then it is better to contact a professional as some plumber experience is recommended. Search for a Home Water Softener overland park ks for retailers and plumbers in the Overland Park area who can help you with installing your water softener. 

Whether you want to soften your water because of build up or maybe because your laundry is washing properly, having a water softener is a good investment. Most softeners refill automatically while others can be set on a timer. Either way, having a water softener installed on your main water supply is a hassle free way to have soft water whenever you need it.


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