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Choosing the Best Workout Clothes

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Working out is a must if you want to improve your health and fitness. It can even improve your mental well-being. You might think that what you wear while exercising doesn’t matter, but it does. To get the most from your fitness routine, you’re going to need the right gear. Whether you’re hitting the gym or taking a jog, what you wear can determine your success. 


Weather is a major factor in choosing the best clothes for your workout. During the winter and late fall, pick layers. If it’s very cold, you’ll need a hat and gloves. The gloves should offer enough insulation to protect your hands from the wind. Your outerwear should also be resistant to water and wind. For summer exercise, think tanks and shorts. Some pants and shorts offer sweat-proof pockets for storing important items like your phone or identification. Choosing these will allow you to stay light on your feet while still carrying the essentials. Speaking of “light,” it’s also important to stick with lighter colors. These absorb less heat. 


When it comes to working out, your favorite cotton tee might seem perfect, but it isn’t. Cotton retains water, which means that as soon as you start to sweat, it will stick to you. Plus, all that sweat it’s absorbing will weigh down the fabric. Once that happens, you’ll feel weighed down too. Instead, consider wearing a tank or a long sleeve performance tee made with fibers that wick away moisture. Items with mesh can also increase air flow and keep you dry. During the winter months, leggings and gear lined with fleece will help you to stay warm. 


Choosing gear that’s weather appropriate and made with the right fabric is important, but there’s another factor to consider. This is how the clothing fits your body. You might think that donning your slouchiest jogging pants and an oversized shirt is fine. Think again. Baggy gear can get in your way, especially if you’re doing something like yoga. If you’re working out with a trainer, baggy clothing will keep him or her from being able to monitor your progress. On the flipside, you should also avoid clothing that’s too tight. If clothing is too small or so tight that it restricts your movement in any way, avoid it. Tight clothing can affect how the blood circulates through your body. It can also make working out so uncomfortable that you want to give up. 


It might be tempting to skimp on the quality, but don’t! Many products are made well while still being affordable. The better your exercise gear, the more likely it is to last through the wear and tear of a vigorous workout. Not only will you be putting the clothing through its paces while exercising, you’ll also be laundering it frequently. Poorly made items can fall apart while in the washer or dryer. This will cost you more money in the long run.

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