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Great Promotional Merchandise Ideas That Really Work 

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When it comes to promoting a company, a cause, or any type of special event, there are some great merchandise ideas that can be easily used. One of the most sought-after and well-loved merchandise ideas are things called wristbands. You can usually buy these customized wristbands online. The thing that makes them great is the variety in which you can use them and also the number of different materials you can purchase them in. Some of the materials include: 

Tyvek- This material is often used because of its strength and low-cost. These bands are great for events that are short, such as one or two day affairs. They are generally manufactured in lengths of 10-inches so they can fit nearly any size wrist. They have a quick turnaround on shipping to the customer because they are so easy to manufacture. They can also be ordered in slightly wider widths so that the customer has more area to display logos or other information. 

Plastic- These are made from standard flexible plastic. They are a bit more sturdy than Tyvek bracelets are so most people who order them are using them for special events which are lasting longer than just a day or two. They usually feature a snap which can be used a maximum of one-time and have a slightly longer turnaround time when it comes to getting to the customer. These types of wristbands usually take a week from initial order to final delivery. 

Vinyl- This material is a bit new to the world of promotional wristbands. While these are still single-use in spirit, they can still be used for a much longer period of time than the two previously mentioned types of material. Typically, these can be used for as long as one to two weeks. They can be manufactured in a wide assortment of widths. 

Silicone- This type of wristband is not typically used for security purposes or for the purpose of identification. It is mainly used for promotional or cause-relayed activities. This is because the wristband can be slipped on and slipped off very easily. They are usually manufactured with one of three types of designs. These are imprinting where the design is flat on the wristband, debossing where the design is recessed into the wristband and embossed where the design is raised on the wristband. 

Cloth- These are the most desirable types of wristbands to manufacture for clients or customers because people tend to keep them for far longer, sometimes even forever. This makes them great at advertising your business, product, or cause. They can be manufactured from either sublimated cloth or woven cloth and can come in almost any color one can imagine. They are also very comfortable to wear in climates with a higher temperature because they do not gather sweat as their plastic counterparts do. As you can see, there are some great reasons to have these types of wristbands to promote whatever it is you are promoting.

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