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How to make this Rakhi celebration Exceptionally Sweet

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Rakshabandhan, affectionately referred to as “Rakhi” is that beloved Indian festival imbued with beautiful traditions that have run long within the most handsome of families. Unlike most religious festivals, Rakhi celebrates the sacred and yet powerful love between a sister and her brother through tying of a sacred thread, often accompanied by embellishments depicting prosperity. On the day of this festival, families usually gather in their ancestral home to collectively celebrate this joyous occasion collecting blessings from family elders with exchange of Rakhi gifts and sweets!

Raksha Bandhan: Stories and Significance

Legend has it that the first ever Rakhi ornament (a piece torn out of her saree) was tied by Draupadi as a bandage on the Lord Shri Krishna who was bleeding, and in return he protected her by divine interception during her uncouth disrobing in the Royal Court of the Kauravas, by providing her a never ending saree, ultimately fulfilling the responsibility of her brother. Similarly, there are many more legends revolving around the origin of Rakshabandhan. One specifically connects the God of death, Lord Yama and Yamuna, where Yamuna tied a Rakhi around Yama and Yama as her brother granted her immortality, which depicts eternal protection.

How you can make your Rakhi celebration exceptionally Sweet

In today’s busy day, it is not always possible for you to visit your family to celebrate this beautiful tradition. Find here few unique ways to celebrate Rakhi with your family while you’re actually away-

  1. Traditional Rakhi hamper

If you know even the bare basics of online gift shopping, you will be able to find Rakhi-special gift hampers containing sweets and chocolates for your sibling. Such a hamper usually contains all the traditional ritualistic items that include sacred Rakhi threads or ornament, kumkum powder, rice grains and an earthen or metal diya, incense sticks (agarbatti) and sweets.

  1. Framed Photo Collage

What can be a better gift for your sister than a massive throwback to all your sweet sibling moments as children or teenagers?! Through online gift shops that have additional services to personalize or customize your gift, send your sibling a creative photo collage, preferably in a frame. This will be a gift for ages, as it will make the occasion indeed very, very sweet!

  1. Personalized Video Montage

This is surely a latest trend. Film short interviews of all your close friends and relatives who are well-aware of the special bond you share with your sibling. And combine all the bits and pieces together later on. Let them talk about your love for each other, or some funny or emotional anecdote from your childhood, or how you two were inseparable, always.

  1. Rakhi Cakes and Sweets

When you’re away from your family, the best you can do is adding some sweetness into their lives while they miss you on a joyous occasion. Send your family the gift of a cake or a box of Rakhi-favourite sweets and laddoos. Indians love sweets and they say absence makes the heart fonder – this saying wasn’t just spoken about romantic love. Family love is purer and more unconditional.

Through modern channels, like online gift shops that do customized same-day delivery of your gifts, you can have a very sweet Rakhi celebration with your sibling with special Rakhi gifts and sweets!

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